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Education and Academic Career


In 2002, Claire received her B.A. from Drew University. She studied music, interested in a variety of time periods, styles, and composers. She also studied European history to better understand the historical context of the composers and musical eras. As a music major her focus was on first flute, then voice, performance.

A few months after graduation Claire was lucky enough to find a full time job in IT. She spent the next few years working as the Training Coordinator for Instructional Technology (now University Technology) at Drew University.

In 2005, Claire left Drew and her IT career to move across the country, joining Shane in Colorado and making plans to attend the PhD program in musicology at the University of Colorado Boulder. Unfortunately, three semesters in the program showed that musicology was not the correct path. She took some time off.

After taking undergraduate courses in Religious Studies for the academic year 2008-2009, Claire decided to apply to the Master’s program at CU Boulder. Her areas of concentration included gender and religion in contemporary religious communities, and Japanese Buddhism in the United States. She graduated with her M.A. degree in May 2012. Before beginning the M.A. program, Claire knew she didn’t want to enter another PhD program, choosing to make her career as an Independent Researcher.

Since graduating in 2012, Claire has presented at conferences, had book reviews published in peer-reviewed journals, and is looking forward to the publication in 2016 of a revised chapter of her M.A. thesis.

Claire blogs about her research and academic interests at

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