We’ve been living here for over a year now and we’ve changed the furniture arrangement about a half dozen times so far, although Shane’s perspective is more concerned with the boxes that have come in, gone out, come in, gone out, and followed us all over the place like rabbits 😉

The first big step before we moved in was to remove the absolutely hideous, grungy old carpet and replace it with something clean and not-ugly. We gutted the kitchen – that was fun, actually, until we got to the old dishwasher that somehow still had water in it even though the house had been empty for months – and had the new-house of tasks of picking out cabinets, counters, and new appliances. Claire will be positively thrilled to not go through that process again soon. We wound up with a nature-colored theme for the house; somehow it works, even though conceptually it might not seem to. Next step was painting, where Claire discovered how yucky paint fumes can be…  Of course, it costs more to have the carpet installers remove the existing carpet, so we said “suuure, we can do that, why not?” Note to self: never. again. We didn’t know that removing old carpet pads would involve literally scraping sticky residue off a sketchy hardwood floor. All of this in June, in Colorado, without air conditioning. Those of us who don’t like the heat (i.e. Claire) decided that summer was bad enough without doing strenuous labor in a stuffy house and added to the growing list of experiences to not repeat.

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